Myron Vanzangler or Myron Vanzel

Alias Z-Van
Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born  ? Years before the Rapture
Died Day of Glorious Appearing
Occupation Lead singer for The Four Horsemen
Relatives Unnamed mother
Religion Carpathianism
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Left Behind: The Kids - Book 23

Z-Van (real name Myron Vanzangler [in the novels] or Myron Vanzel [in the dramatic audio]) was the lead singer for the popular group, The Four Horsemen. He was a minor character-turned-major antagonist in Left Behind: The Kids, and although Judd Thompson Jr. and Lionel Washington tried to preach to him, Z-Van, unfortunately refused to listen, and instead took Nicolae Carpathia's mark of loyalty, the first civilian to do so. He was given superhuman powers by Leon Fortunato, which included the ability to fly. Resurrection, a collection of Carpathianist hymns, was his best-selling album. At his concerts, he personally supervised the guillotine executions of Christians who refused to take Carpathia's mark.

During the sheep and goats judgment, Z-Van was one of the "goats", the unbelievers, and fell into Hell with the other millions of unbelievers who never accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.