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Vicki Byrne Thompson

Alias Vicki B, Red
Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian American
Born 14 years before Rapture
Occupation Former high school student
Relatives Parents (raptured), siblings (raptured), Judd Thompson Jr. (husband) The Rev Bruce Barnes (adoptive father), Anne (adoptive daughter)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Vanishings

Vicki Thompson, née Byrne, was one of the founding members of The Young Tribulation Force in the Left Behind: The Kids series. When her whole family disappeared in the Rapture, she called her brother in Michigan but finds out that he was taken too. She calls Lionel Washington remembering that his sister was a Christian and they set up a meeting at New Hope Village Church. She becomes a believer and leads many people to Christ, in person and web links (like their underground newspaper). Like Judd Thompson Jr., developed feelings for her, likewise she developed deep feelings for him, but does not let him know until much later. In Book 38 they are married in the desert fortress of Petra.

She interrupted a Global Community Satellite School broadcast that featured a Z-Van concert with the help of a satellite truck stolen by Mark Eisman. When talking about the concert which had the largest viewership of any concert, in The Beast Arises, Z-Van said she was upstaged by a "red-headed chick." When Vicki ran into Coach Handlesman in the hallway while she was distributing The Underground, he said, "Pay more attention, Red" to her, and Vicki hated it when people called her by that nickname.

In the Dramatic Audio presentation, Kruno Fulcire often refers to her as "Vicki B".



  • Vicki, Judd, and Lionel are the only characters to appear in all 40 books of the Left Behind: The Kids series. Out of those three characters, she is the only female to do so.
  • Vicki has been involved in the most hugs out of all the characters in the Left Behind: The Kids series.
  • Vicki was sexually assaulted by her maternal uncle when she was 9 years old.
  • By book 39, Vicki had become one of the most wanted young people in the world.
  • Vicki has the last line in the entire Left Behind: The Kids series. ("You have a family now")
  • Vicki was the last original Young Tribulation Force member to travel to Israel.