Angels streaming, are you listening,
Around a city bright and glistening
A beautiful sight to those in God's light,
Walking in a New Jerusalem.

Gone away is the old earth,
Here to stay is the new earth
That sings a new song as we go along
Walking in a New Jerusalem.

Near the streets of gold there's a fruit tree
That the Word says is the Tree of Life.
There'll be rivers of water but there's no sea,
As clear as crystal in our perfect sight.

Later on we'll conspire
As we join the heavenly choir
To sing God's praise as we live our days
Walking in a New Jerusalem.

There's no temple for our God to dwell in,
For He'll be sitting with us on His throne.
No one born of evil to raise some hell in,
As only the saints of God will call it home.

What a promise He'll deliver
To give our souls a holy shiver,
To spend eternity with the Maker of thee,
Walking in a New Jersualem.

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