'Twas the day of His return, and all through the world,
Every single soul was stirring, man and woman, boy and girl.
The armies have gathered in Armageddon with great care
In hopes that the saints of God had better beware.
The Israelis in Petra are all safe in rock beds
While visions of the Almighty danced in their heads.
And the Tribulation Force stood ready for the sight
Of the Lord that will come in the middle of the night.

Then Nicolae stood at the head of his armies,
Hoping that his own presence will be deadly and alarming.
He called out to his troops and gave them a shout,
To begin the attack and make the cowards come out.
Then suddenly the sky and the ground became black
And all power was gone as it halted their attack.
Then what to their wondering eyes should appear?
It's the Lord and His armies, all bright, shiny, and clear.

His robe and His hair were as white as the snow,
He wore many crowns, and His face was all aglow.
He spoke with a voice that was sharp as a sword,
And all Nicolae's forces were split apart and gored.
He stood on the Mount of Olives and split it in two,
And more of evil's forces received their just due.
Nicolae and Leon were both captured and judged,
And their composure had melted like a plate full of fudge.

They were sentenced to eternity in the Lake of Fire,
And so were his followers, in whose hearts they desire.
The saints were rewarded for their service to the Jews,
And for staying faithful to Jesus and the Word of God too.
The earth was restored, and Jesus sat as their King,
Ruling over all creation, every living breathing thing.
And so I will leave with this one thing in mind:
Make Jesus Christ your Savior so you won't be left behind.


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