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The Global Community One World Unity Army consists of all Peacekeepers from all the governing districts of the Global Community who have been ordered and deployed by the order of Nicolae Carpathia for battle training to the Valley of Megiddo in Israel. This deployment began one year before the end of the Tribulation in Armageddon and eventually culminated into a massive fighting force by the end of that year. Divisions were stationed in various locations such as Jerusalem, Petra, Bozrah, and the Valley of Megiddo.

Before this deployment, Unity Army groups were used to mitigate the effects of the Bowl Judgments, using nuclear submarines to act as generators after earthquakes, delivering medicine after plagues, and employing area denial systems to keep the Locusts at bay whenever possible.

Despite its name, the Unity Army is not so unified. After the destruction of New Babylon, the Unity Army generals from the United North American States submitted their resignation en masse knowing that they faced "court martial and execution" because they are unable to send their forces to the Valley of Megiddo. Their troops did not have access to supplies and food, and that there was no prospect of the troops being paid. Carpathia decreed that these reports should not be made public. The state of the world is derelict after the plagues as social and community services were non-existent, and salaries for government employees have been frozen for two years while there would be zero pay until further notice. During the Battle of Armageddon, Carpathia reported a mutinous faction called Revitalized Babylon that was composed of rebelling Unity Army troops in Egypt and from the northeast. Carpathia ordered small portions of the Unity Army to quell the rebellion immediately so that they can be made an example of since no one should be able to challenge the authority of Nicolae Carpathia.

The Jerusalem contingent was to storm the city and overtake the Jews fighting there, while the Petra contingent was to storm the place of refuge for the Israelis, Jews, and believers hiding out there. Ultimately, with Nicolae Carpathia leading the Petra contingent, they were also aiming to destroy God and His Son Jesus Christ when He emerges with His heavenly army at the due time appointed to Him.

Unfortunately for the Unity Army, their goal was never realized as Jesus, with His powerful weapon, the "sword of His mouth", destroyed all the soldiers of that contingent, leaving no survivors except for Nicolae and Leon Fortunato. The Bozrah and Valley of Megiddo contingents were also destroyed in a similar fashion, while the flesh-dissolving plague and the earthquake that split the Mount of Olives into a valley which consumed the entire Jerusalem contingent. By the time all was said and done, the entire Unity Army was destroyed.

Despite having access to the entire world's remaining arsenal, the Unity Army is seldom shown to use modern strategic weapons, although they do deploy a cruise missile in their failed attempt to cut off Petra's water source. Suhail Akbar also ordered that Chicago be nuked when he discovered that the Tribulation Force planted false radiation readings on the Global Community computers to give the impression that the city is uninhabitable in order to deter the GC from investigating the city for Tribulation Force activity. Notably, due to Nicolae Carpathia's micromanagement, they fail to deploy any anti-air weapons against Jesus.

Known Members Of The Unity Army