NOTE: The timeline primarily refers to events that took place in the Left Behind books, and should not be taken as a set-in-stone timeline for events that may actually happen in the real world regarding the end times. This will also include events that took place that are not specifically part of any end-times theology, but are just part of the Left Behind universe, covering the official books, the Left Behind: The Kids series, and any possible related spin-offs.
For a timeline of the Tribulation event as it unfolds in the Left Behind series, see the chart in the article Tribulation.

The Rising (33 Years before Rapture)

The Regime (10 years before Rapture)

The Rapture (Within a year before Rapture)

Left Behind (A few weeks after Rapture)

Tribulation Force (First 18 months of the Tribulation)

Nicolae (18 to 21 months into the Tribulation)

Soul Harvest (About 2 years into the Tribulation)

Apollyon (About 3 years into the Tribulation)

Assassins (Up to the Midpoint of Tribulation)

The Indwelling (A few days within the Midpoint of Tribulation)

The Mark (A week or so during the Midpoint of Tribulation)

Desecration (A few weeks into the Great Tribulation)

The Remnant (5 to 6 years into the Tribulation)

Armageddon (Final year of the Tribulation)

Glorious Appearing (Day of the Lord's coming)

Kingdom Come (1000 years following the Tribulation and eternity)

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