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The Underground
Book SeriesLeft Behind:The Kids
AuthorTim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Release DateSeptember, 1999
Preceded ByNicolae High
Followed ByBusted!

"The Underground" is the 6th book of the Left Behind: The Kids series. Its release date was in September of 1999. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Book Synopsis

Synopsis retrieved from back of the book.

The Young Trib Force unleashes the power of the printed page through an underground newspaper at Nicolae High.

School authorities are enraged after only a few copies of the first edition are distributed. After Judd devises a plan to distribute a copy of it to every student in the school, the authorities search with a vengeance for the kids responsible.

Notable Characters

Original Members of The Young Tribulation Force:

Other Members of The Young Tribulation Force:

Other Believers:

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