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The Rapture
Book Series Left Behind
Author Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Publisher Tyndale House Publishing
Release Date 2006
Preceded By The Regime
Followed By Kingdom Come (publishing order)
Left Behind (canonical order)

The Rapture: In The Twinkling of an Eye is the third of a prequel trilogy to the Left Behind series, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and published in 2006.

Plot Summary

It's the final countdown as the time until the Rapture turns from months to weeks to mere days. Cameron "Buck" Williams is in Israel when the Russians attack, and experiences firsthand the power of God when fire rains down from the sky, destroying the attackers. He is even more shocked when not one casualty is reported in all of Israel. Williams cannot deny born-again Editor-in-Chief Lucinda Washington's statement that the event was prophesied in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Meanwhile, as the new President of Romania, Nicolae Carpathia is invited to speak at the United Nations.

Irene & Rayford Steele's marriage is slowly falling into oblivion as Irene's devout faith in Jesus is starting to annoy and repel Rayford as he reaches the height of his career as one of the most trusted pilots for Pan-Continental. Irene & Raymie are asleep when The Rapture occurs and they are transported from their beds, given glorified bodies, and re-unite with deceased loved ones in the clouds along with the endless billions that make up the Church from the time of Pentecost until the Rapture. Irene and Raymie then ascend to Heaven, along with Rayford's parents and countless others, including Lucinda Washington and Pastor Vernon Billings.

Once they are in Heaven, The Redeemed witness the Bema Seat Rewards, and countless believers (including Billy Graham, Fanny Crosby, John and Betty Stam, Mary, Joseph, James, Thomas, and even Paul) are rewarded with Eternal Crowns given to them by Jesus. Afterward, Irene and Raymie settle down and enjoy life in Heaven.

Meanwhile, the "survivors" are frequently searching for missing loved ones, some realizing what they've missed. Rayford's first officer Chris Smith is among the first to commit suicide in the wake of the catastrophic events. New Hope Village Church Assistant Pastor Bruce Barnes has realized that to enter Heaven, one must be born-again and realizes that the darkest days of History lie ahead.

Characters In The Rapture

Left Behind

Raptured & Resurrected

  • Raymie Steele, the son of Rayford Steele
  • Irene Steele, the wife of Rayford Steele prior to the Rapture
  • Lucinda Washington, senior editor of Global Weekly in Chicago
  • Billy Graham, Renowned Pastor
  • John & Betty Stam, Missionaries who were martyred in the 1930s
  • Mary, The Mother of Jesus
  • Joseph, Jesus' earthly father