The Other Light
TypeHenotheistic, Luciferian
FounderUnder-100 dissidents of the Millennial Kingdom
CreatedAbout 93 years after the start of the Millennial Kingdom
DissolvedFinal day of Millennial Kingdom

The Other Light was a group of nonbelievers that were born or raised during the Millennial Kingdom period, which came into existence within the first century of the Millennium around the time Cendrillon Jospin died. Its primary known members were Ignace and Lothair Jospin, their cousin Nicolette, and Mudawar who along with Sarsour founded the Theological Training Institute which served as a front for the cause. They had a religious arm, calling itself The Only Light, that was stationed in an underground base in Osaze.

The Other Light opposed God on ethical grounds: TOL members believed that He is the Creator, but also that He unfairly treated Satan when he was cast out of His presence, and believed that His only allowing nonbelievers to live 100 years was a sign that He was totally against the free will of man to choose his own fate. They did not worship Satan (while The Only Light did), although they believed that he would lead a massive army against Jesus Christ and God to overthrow them. Because of the enforced limited lifespan on nonbelievers, their plan to make said massive army available was to produce infrastructure and weapons of war throughout the Millennium, and inspire future generations that followed them to carry forth so that they would be assured victory. Their plans came to no avail when fire came down from the heavens to consume the army at the last battle. Satan was eventually cast into the Lake of Fire.

One member of The Other Light thought he could impregnate a woman with a glorified body so that a hybrid child that could live past 100 years old without needing to accept Christ as Lord and Savior might be born. In his attempt to do so by sexually assaulting such a woman, though, God stopped him by causing him to die in her arms, before He incinerated the body.


In the early part of the group's history, daily operations mostly consisted of TOL adherents hosting parties that include alcohol and drugs to bring new initiates into the fold. However, Kenny Williams when confronting them suggested that the method would most likely make converts that would be too inebriated to function as an effective army at the end of the Millennium. Thus the Other Light focused on gaining converts through just being productive citizens that simply have an alternate way of thinking from the Christians in that period, appealing to the intelligence of their audience instead of just gratifying their desires. Their message is contained within the If It's True... manifesto that they pass along from one generation to the next to encourage their believers that they would someday have victory over God.

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