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This article has a real world counterpart outside of Left Behind.
This subject has a counterpart in the real world. However, information in this article comes from the fictional universe of the Left Behind franchise.

The Temple Mount is the legendary location of the first two Temples that the children of Israel had built in Jerusalem to worship God. It is currently where the Dome Of The Rock is situated. In the Left Behind series, the Dome Of The Rock has been relocated to New Babylon so that the Jews could build the third Temple at the beginning of the Tribulation, which Nicolae Carpathia would desecrate 3 1/2 years later in Desecration. God later destroyed that Temple in Kingdom Come, and a new Temple built by Jesus Christ that resembled its descriptions in Ezekiel would stand in its place.

In Left Behind: The Movie, the Temple was planned to be built right next to the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, according to the plans that Chaim Rosenzweig had revealed to Cameron Williams, prior to their meeting with Carpathia at the United Nations building.