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A subpotentate was one of the ten rulers of the ten governing districts or "kingdoms" of the Global Community. They were originally called ambassadors when Nicolae Carpathia chose them as part of the security council. Carpathia proposed that the revised security council consist of the (from 1995 to the present) five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with veto power (United States, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China), plus an additional five (Africa, South America, Indian subcontinent, Pacific, and the Middle East). They fulfill Scriptural prophecy speaking about ten kings, represented by the ten horns of the Beast in Revelation 17:12-14, who were given power to rule as kings with the Beast for "one hour".

Only five of them, Bindura Rehoboth of the United African States, Viktor (last name unknown) of the United Russian States, Od Gustav of the United European States, Kononowa of the United Indian States, and Enoch Litwala (Rehoboth's successor in Africa), are directly mentioned by name, but they are occasionally with Carpathia as he comes up with ideas for the world, such as imposing taxes on certain areas. It is mentioned in Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides that the one for the United North American States is a former United States senator from Texas, and in Armageddon: Cosmic Battle of the Ages it is revealed that this person wears a "ten-gallon hat and embroidered cowboy suit" as his ceremonial dress.

They would kill Pontifex Maximus Peter Matthews with ice daggers when they were inspired to get rid of him, thus fulfilling what Scripture said about the "ten horns" hating the "Great Harlot" and destroying her. Tsion Ben-Judah stated that the subpotentates are egomaniacs who scarcely agreed upon anything, even whether they should be loyal to Carpathia, but that it is God who put in a desire in their hearts to make them of one mind in order to fulfill His purpose in forming a conspiracy to assassinate Mathews.

In The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession, three of the subpotentates, including Enoch Litwala, would be killed by Leonardo Fortunato by his calling down fire from the sky at the memorial service for Nicolae Carpathia, where he would be visibly resurrected. In Armageddon it is revealed that these three subpotentates lived in the southern hemisphere, making it likely that they were the subpotentates for Africa, South America, and Oceania.

It is most likely that all surviving subpotentates perished at the "sheep and goats" judgment on the day of Jesus' Glorious Appearing.