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Sin is considered a transgression against God, who created mankind to be holy and faithful unto Him. The Greek word for sin is hamartia (àµaρtίa), which means to "miss the mark". In the epistle to the Romans, Paul taught that sin entered the world through one man, and through sin, death (both spiritual and phyiscal) manifested itself on all people, since all have sinned (Romans 5:12) and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). The book of Hebrews says that there's pleasure in sin, but it's temporary, which makes those who are addicted to sin (or particular types of sin) want to do it more. As Adam is the pattern (typos/τύπος) of the one to come, salvation came through one man, Jesus Christ, just as death reigned through one man (Romans 5:14-17). God worked to redeem mankind from the power of sin by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins by shedding His blood on the cross, and to rise from the dead three days later. For in Christ's death, believers are united in Christ in His death where one's sinful nature has died along with Christ so one would no longer be a slave to sin (Romans 6:5-7; Galatians 5:24).

In the Left Behind series, God uses His divine judgments throughout the Tribulation to get man to turn away from sin and receive salvation in Him through His Son Jesus before His Second Coming. While many do turn away from sin and become Christians during that time, many more reject the gospel message and instead turn to worshiping Nicolae Carpathia as their god and lord while they continue to practice their sins.

Tsion Ben-Judah railed in an Internet newsletter about how heinous and egregious sins were ubiquitous on television in Soul Harvest. He said that they were not merely depicted in a simulated story line, but portrayed as they were actually happening to someone in reality. In Assassins, Tsion Ben-Judah says that those who survive the judgment of the 200 million horsemen will not turn from their sin. He lampoons "the new tolerant society", saying that sins such as "idol and demon worship, sorcery, and illicit sex" are actually applauded. He says that even the Global Community's own news outlets report a dramatic increase in murder and theft, indicating that such sins are deemed antithetical to the civil order that the Global Community wants to maintain.

The doctrines of the Enigma Babylon One World Faith contribute to the prevalence of sin in the Tribulation because they promote a spirituality where one has the liberty to follow their desires. In Secrets of New Babylon, Judd Thompson Jr. watched a recording of one of Pontifex Maximus Peter Mathews' sermons where Mathews asked "how can one find the true way to spirituality and inner peace?" The audience answered unanimously through an interactive screen that this can be attained by "following your own beliefs, and letting your heart be your guide." This opposes the authors understanding of the Biblical teaching of human nature where man is in an inveterate state of rebellion against God that one can neither desire the holy things of God nor seek the righteousness of God.

In Attack on Petra, while Vicki Byrne was talking about God to Tanya Spivey, Vicki says that God would judge everyone, but Tanya thought that if one has more bad deeds than good deeds, then one can still get into heaven. Vicki shook her head in disapproval, objecting that "God can only live with something pure. If we have any sin at all, we can't get to heaven." Vicki said that everyone has sinned and deserved to be separated from God forever, but Jesus' sacrifice provided a way for one to be perfect before God because Jesus lived a sinless life. If one asks God's to forgive them, God would not look at one's sins, but "He [would see] the perfection of Jesus." Vicki's stance is similar to the Reformation doctrine of imputed righteousness, where the faithful who are in Christ are ascribed the righteousness of Christ in God's eyes and one's sins are not counted against them (Romans 4:8).

During a concert in Paris, in Attack on Petra, the lead singer of The Four Horsemen, Z-Van, criticized Christian theology's unattainable standard of divine perfection. He railed against God's wrath against sin, as God, if the Biblical stories are true, destroyed the world with a flood and allows all manner of suffering, yet God says that He loves the world. In contrast, Z-Van extolled the Potentate Nicolae Carpathia as a kind and generous deity because, unlike the God of the Bible, Carpathia does not demand perfection, but simply loyalty to the ideals of the Global Community. Carpathia only imposes a light burden upon his followers, as he only asks for one to take a number that identifies oneself as a lover of peace and that one should humbly worship Nicolae Carpathia in spirit and truth. Z-Van said that as he planned to shortly execute his converted Christian pilot Westin Jakes on stage with a guillotine because Westin refused to take the mark of loyalty to Nicolae Carpathia.

In Kingdom Come, it is mentioned that although Satan was locked away in the abyss and cannot tempt people to sin, the undecided naturals can be lead astray by the ideology of The Other Light because of the other two legs of the three legged stool: the flesh, the world, and the devil. Kenny Bruce Williams recounts his conversion to Christianity when he was ten years old in the Millennial Kingdom. He said that when his mother tried to lead him to Christ, he cannot recall of doing something bad, but Chloe said that sin is not just what one does, but who one is. Humans are born in sin and need forgiveness.

In the Millennial Kingdom, the naturals who reject Jesus as their Lord and Savior instead choose to align themselves with Satan and The Other Light while they live sinful lives. As a result, they go to hell before they are resurrected to face judgment at the Great White Throne and then be cast into the Lake of Fire. Naturals that commit a sin worthy of death could also be terminated before their 100th birthday, as an Other Light member found out when he tried to rape a female glorified in an attempt to impregnate her with a child that would be able to live past 100 years of age without needing to choose Jesus as his Lord and Savior.