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The "sheep and goats" judgment that was prophesied of in Matthew 25:31-46 took place in the Valley of Jehoshaphat in Glorious Appearing, where Jesus rewarded "the sheep" who cared for "the least of His brethren" (speaking about Israel in the context of the Left Behind series) during the Tribulation with entrance into His kingdom, and sending "the goats" who didn't care for "the least of His brethren" into everlasting punishment (kolasin aionion). One-fourth of the population of the earth that was left behind during the Rapture had survived to the sheep and goats judgment, but most of them, followers of Carpathia and disbelievers were destined to die that day. Jesus instructed the believers to go to His right, while the others went to His left. Before this crowd, separating the two groups, there was a platform that had a throne where Jesus sat. Above that platform were the heavenly hosts, angels, and saints.

Z-Van, a member of the music group The Four Horsemen, was notably one of the people counted as the "goats" who perished in this judgment. While everyone there knelt to Jesus, Z-Van was trying to stand.

The angel Gabriel commanded everyone to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Everyone on both sides of the throne fell to their knees and cried "Jesus Christ is Lord" in a myriad of dialects and languages. Those on the left quickly got on their feet after they acknowledged Jesus, while those on his right remained kneeling on the sand longer in order to worship their savior. Those on the right then stood once Gabriel gestured for them to stand. After Gabriel recited Joel 3:1-3, indicted those on the left for mistreating the people of Israel by dividing them up and selling them off to slavery, the crowd to Jesus' left, the goats, wailed "Jesus Christ is Lord" to no avail.

In the Left Behind series, the sheep and goats judgment is also combined with the eschatological vision of Paul where Jesus is exalted as Lord and Judge. For example, when Chloe Williams is talking to Jock Ashmore the day before she would be executed, she stated that the day is soon coming when everyone had to acknowledge God and His Son. She quoted Philippians 2:10-11 that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Jock Ashmore denied that he would do that (which he might not have survived to the sheep and goats judgment since he probably had been killed during the Glorious Appearing as he was deployed in the One World Unity Army). Chloe then quoted that each one of us shall provide an account of their life to God (Romans 14:12). In the Dramatic Audio of The Mark, Gustaf Zuckermandel, Sr. also quoted Philippians 2:10-11 to Suhail Akbar as Akbar was interrogating him before he was executed for refusing to take the mark of loyalty.

Also, the judgment is also combined with prophecies from the Book of Joel that say that the LORD would restore Judah and Jerusalem from captivity and gather the nations to judge them according to how they treated Israel (Joel 3:1-8).