Project People's Victory was the name of a secret project funded by Jonathan Stonagal for the purpose of creating a future one-world leader through the artificial insemination of genetically-altered sperm cells into a chosen female candidate, producing an offspring with the desired traits for such a position. The people involved in this project included Stonagal, plus Reiche Planchette, Viv Ivins, Sorin Carpathia, and Baduna Marius. The chosen female candidate for impregnation was Marilena Carpathia, whom Sorin purposefully married for the intended goal. The child that was born through this project was Nicolae Carpathia. (Interestingly, though, when Nicolae was sentenced to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire at the second coming of Jesus Christ, He revealed that it was God, not Project People's Victory, who gave him gifts of intelligence, beauty, wisdom, and personality, and that it was intended for Nicolae to make the best use of these gifts during "the most pivotal events in the annals of creation".)

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