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This subject has a counterpart in the real world. However, information in this article comes from the fictional universe of the Left Behind franchise.

The New Testament is a volume of 27 books that make up part of the complete Christian Bible, consisting of the four Gospel accounts, the book of Acts, the epistles of Paul and the other apostles, and the book of Revelation. All of the books were written in Greek within the First Century A.D. and focus on the appearance of Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah to the Jews and the Savior of mankind, who put into place the New Covenant that God has made with His people through the sacrifice of Himself on the cross with His blood.

In the Left Behind books, the New Testament was studied by Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah when he was researching who was the actual promised Messiah of the Jews, and was read by Eleazar Tiberias and his daughter Naomi when they were left behind during the Rapture. David Hassid, who admitted to being Jewish, was assumed by Jim Hickman to have never actually studied the New Testament when the Supreme Commander told him about Nicolae Carpathia's plan to ride a pig down the streets of Jerusalem in mockery of Jesus' "triumphal entry" on a donkey.

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