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Natalie Bishop

Gender Female
Born 14 years before the Rapture
Created American
Died Shortly before first Bowl Judgment
Occupation Global Community Morale Monitor
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Uplink from the Underground

Natalie Bishop was a Global Community Morale Monitor who is a Christian. She was also a member of the Young Tribulation Force. She was working inside the Global Community helping her friends in the Young Tribulation Force by giving them information. She helps the group when they're trying to break out Charlie and the Shairtons when the couple, along with Charlie, are arrested by the Global Community. Natalie Bishop has the distinction of being the first Global Community employee to be executed for not taking Carpathia's mark.

She also helps out in other ways, and is a big help to the Young Tribulation Force until she's caught by her supervisor Darryl Henderson during an operation to break out believers from a Global Community jail and is eventually beheaded by Commander Kruno Fulcire for being a believer. Natalie was using Darryl Henderson's computer to send out orders from a fake GC commander (Regis Blakely) that several prisoners and inmates from an Iowa reeducation facility were to be transferred so that the Young Tribulation Force can infiltrate the facility and transport them to safe houses.

After she was imprisoned, she regrets that should would not be able to tell Vicki Byrne about her Sunday School teacher who had prayed for Natalie and her family. After the Rapture, Natalie went to her house and found an open prayer journal in the kitchen and found her name in it. Natalie found Christian books and literature that she placed in a garbage bag and dragged home. Natalie happily recounted how she was hungry for the material in those books and stayed up for hours reading the Bible. She prayed to God that He would show her His plan.

While she was imprisoned before her execution, she requested to speak with Claudia Zander, her roommate, on the condition that Natalie divulge everything about herself. Natalie wanted the opportunity to speak with Claudia because Natalie never really told Claudia what she believed in. Claudia was devoted to the Global Community, so Claudia was disgusted when Natalie tried to tell her about God that Claudia ran out of the interrogation cell. Claudia told Natalie that she would pay for her betrayal. When Darryl Henderson accused her of treason against the Global Community and blasphemy against Potentate Carpathia, she retorted that she would not argue against any charge except the last one since one cannot blaspheme someone who is not God.

Natalie's last thoughts from her point of view were: "If you rescue me from this, I'll praise You. And if you don't, I'll praise You in heaven. I'm yours, God." Natalie was subsequently executed, but the scene of her execution were not narrated.

Natalie is mentioned and thought of in book 30. She is mentioned in books 31, 32, and 35. In book 39, Natalie was one of the tribulation saints Mark Eisman thought about when he was remembering examples of people laying down their lives. Fulcire talks about Natalie, although it is obvious Natalie didn't give him any information about believers.

In book 40, Natalie and the other tribulation martyrs are resurrected and rewarded. Jesus honored her for sacrificing her life to save her friends, perhaps like the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep (John 10:11). Vicki later reunites with her.


Natalie was friends with Vicki Byrne and Jim Dekker. She was acquainted with Mark Eisman, Conrad Graham, Darrion Stahley, and Charlie. She was enemies with Darryl Henderson and Kruno Fulcire. Claudia Zander was her roommate.



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Left Behind: The Kids