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Dramatic Audio Exclusive Character
This character is exclusive to the dramatic audio presentations of the Left Behind book series.

Mrs. Fenstein

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian
Born ? years before Rapture
Occupation Resident of Petra
Relatives Unnamed husband
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during Tribulation
First Appearance Glorious Appearing (Dramatic Audio)

Mrs. Fenstein is a character that appeared in the Dramatic Audio presentation of Glorious Appearing in the episode "Gone Dancing". She is one of the patients in the infirmary in Petra who was miraculously healed during the "sign of the Son of Man" cross appearing in the sky, surprising Leah Rose and Hannah Palemoon with her ability to walk after being healed of a broken hip before leaving. When asked what she was going to do with a broken hip, she answered, "Dancing, I believe."