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Mr. Goldberg

Gender Male
Nationality Israel
Died Within midpoint of Tribulation, during sixth Trumpet Judgment
Occupation Global Community officer
Relatives Unnamed wife, Sam Goldberg (son)
Religion Judaism
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Busted!

Mr. Goldberg was a Global Community officer and the father of Young Tribulation Force member Sam Goldberg. He is the main antagonist of the second half of volume 4 of the dramatic audio presentation and a minor antagonist in volume 5. A neighbor of Tsion Ben-Judah's family, Mr. Goldberg would help them on numerous occasions-that is, until Tsion started proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah. Mr. Goldberg stopped helping the Ben-Judahs when the entire community he was living in was under suspicion, though Sam would still meet with Tsion's stepchildren, Nina and Dan, occasionally. Mr. Goldberg started working for the Global Community after Nina, Dan, and Mrs. Ben-Judah were all killed. This is because Mr. Goldberg was a devout follower of Nicolae Carpathia. When Sam became a believer and tried to talk to his father about God, Mr. Goldberg refused to listen. Mr. Goldberg would eventually be killed for his unbelief during the sixth Trumpet Judgment.


Left Behind: The Kids


Left Behind: The Kids


  • Mr. Goldberg's first appearance was in book 7.
  • Mr. Goldberg's last appearance and death were in book 23.
  • Mr. Goldberg's first name was never revealed.
  • Mr. Goldberg's wife apparently became a believer, since she was taken in the Rapture. It is unknown if Mr. Goldberg knew that his wife became a believer. If he did, it can be assumed he was displeased with the news, given his devotion to Carpathia and the Global Community.
  • It is unknown if Tsion Ben-Judah ever found out about his death.
  • Sam Goldberg was very heartbroken about his father's death and it took a long time for him to get over it.
  • In the dramatic audio presentation, Mr. Goldberg is the one that kills Nada Ameer.


Early Childhood

Nothing is known about Mr. Goldberg's early childhood.

Childhood (if applicable)

Nothing is known about Mr. Goldberg's childhood. It is possible that he was raised to believe in Judaism.



Personality and Skills