Gender Male
Nationality Israelite of the tribe of Levi
Born Around 80 years prior to Israel's departure from Egypt
Died 120 years old, 40 years after Israel's departure from Egypt
Occupation Prophet, leader of Israel
Relatives Levi (distant ancestor, tribal patriarch), Amram (father), Jochebed (mother), Miriam (sister), Aaron (brother), Zipporah (wife), Gershom (son), Eliezer (son), Nadab (nephew), Abihu (nephew), Eleazar (nephew), Ithamar (nephew), Phinehas (grandnephew)
Religion Believer in God
Spiritual State Saved
First Appearance Glorious Appearing

Moses is the legendary prophet of God and leader of Israel around the time that God delivered His people out of Egypt. It was from him that the formation of the religion known as Judaism came, through his direct communications with God on Mount Sinai where he received the Law and the Ten Commandments, as well as being credited for writing the five holy books that make up the Torah. Despite his faithfulness unto God, Moses was denied entry into the Promised Land due to his rebelling against God at Meribah Kadesh and thus had turned over the leadership role to Joshua before his death. Moses was one of the Old Testament saints that, along with his parents, was rewarded by Jesus after His Second Coming in the book "Glorious Appearing".

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