Melinda Bentley

Alias Melinda
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
First Appearance The Showdown

Melinda Bentley used to be a Global Community Morale Monitor with her best friend Felicia, Lionel Washington, and Conrad Graham.

Melinda's mom was taken in the Rapture, leaving her with her dad. But after the disappearances, her dad started drinking to take away the pain. During school, Melinda makes a friend whose name is Felicia. Since Melinda's dad is a drinker, the two friends run away to Felicia's uncle's house. Discovering that he too was a drinker, the two run away again to the GC Morale Monitor program, wanting to forget their past. There, she meets Lionel and Conrad. After the death of her commander, Terrell Blancka, she traces down the Young Tribulation Force's whereabouts by way of a computer chip placed in Phoenix's neck. But on the way there, Felicia drinks water contaminated by Wormwood, and dies when they get to the Young Trib Force's location. The Young Trib Force is worried that if they let Melinda go, she will tell the GC their location. But Melinda ends up escaping somehow, and goes to the GC to tell the Young Trib Force's location. But the GC don't listen and believe she turned bad, so they captured her. Meanwhile Mark Eisman goes after Melinda, but hears she's been captured. He rescues her and goes back to the schoolhouse. Up until this time, Melinda was a total Carpathia follower, but in Horsemen of Terror, she finally accepts Christ.


Left Behind: The Kids


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