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Luke Gowin

Gender Male
Born ? years before Rapture
Died Almost 4 years into the Tribulation
Occupation Football player (formerly), Fisherman (formerly)
Relatives Tom Gowin (brother)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance A Dangerous Plan

Luke Gowin is a minor character in the Left Behind: The Kids series and one of the members of the southern Young Tribulation Force in South Carolina.


Luke joined the Young Tribulation Force in book 20 when he and his brother Tom Gowin first met some of their members near one of their hideouts. Carl Meninger had information that the Global Community knew about Luke's group. Luke was impressed when he found out that Vicki Byrne personally knew and spoke with Tsion Ben-Judah. Luke wanted to know what was going on with the adult Tribulation Force. According to Tom, prior to meeting Vicki and the others, Luke had a dream about himself sitting in a classroom and studying the Bible. Luke swore it was a message from God. Carl later sent Vicki a message telling Luke and Tom to stay low for a couple of weeks, as the Global Community knew about their group.

Early Childhood

Nothing much is known about Luke's early childhood.


Not much is known about Luke's childhood. It is possible he may have started playing football at this time. If he did, he would have played as a linebacker.


It can be assumed that Luke was left behind during the Rapture because he did not believe in God. It can also be assumed that Luke may have lost a handful of family members in the disappearances.


Luke became a believer prior to the events of book 20. He first saw Conrad Graham near their hideout. Luke grabbed Conrad and held his arm behind his back, not knowing that he and the others with him were all believers. Tom Gowin then showed his flashlight on Carl Meninger's forehead, and then on the foreheads of the others. Tom then apologized for Luke's actions after Luke let go of Conrad.

He later appeared with his brother at the plantation house in South Carolina, a safe house for the southern contingent of the Young Tribulation Force. They housed Judd Thompson Jr. and Lionel Washington for a few days after they arrived back to the continental United States. Their safe house was unfortunately compromised by the Global Community operatives, Lee and Brooke McCarty. The Young Tribulation Force was able to evacuate the other believers from the plantation house to another safe house in Barnwell, Georgia before Lee and Brooke called a raid. Chang Wong, the Tribulation Force's mole working in the GC Palace, also e-mailed them to warn them of an upcoming raid where the Global Community would be bringing in the "big guns". When the raid occurred, Luke was able to escape the house with his brother, Tom, Judd, and Lionel. They went to another safe house in Walterboro, South Carolina. While they were there, they went on retaliatory raids against the home of the bounty hunters to burn them down. On one of these missions, they did not return to the safe house since they were killed by bounty hunters. Their dead bodies with three bounty hunters standing by them were seen on a Global Community Cable News Network broadcast. This confirmed to their cohort that the Gowin brothers were dead.

He was resurrected after the Glorious Appearing with his brother Tom and met Vicki Byrne Thompson in Israel.


Luke was good friends with Carl Meninger, Judd Thompson Jr., and Lionel Washington. He also seemed to be on good terms with fellow Young Tribulation Force members Vicki Byrne, Conrad Graham, Mark Eisman, Darrion Stahley, Janie McCanyon, and Shelly Malloy. Luke was enemies with Lee McCarty, Brooke McCarty, Max, and Albert.

Personality and Skills

Luke was a fisherman, and was described to be very big and strong. Luke's strength proved to be useful when he saved Judd and Lionel from the bounty hunters in The Rise of False Messiahs. Luke was also shown to be loyal to his fellow believers when he helped Carl Meninger hide from the Global Community in Death at the Gala.

Judd Thompson Jr. objected to the leadership style and organization of the plantation house. Judd observed that everyone just follows Luke and Tom and that it might make others in the group feeling left out. While they were about to discuss them, the group detected a disturbance around the plantation house caused by Lee and Brooke McCarty loitering around it. Luke looked at Judd and sarcastically asked whether they wanted to take a vote on what to do, as he was criticizing that procedural consulting might prevent expedient action.

He is adept in melee combat. While the Young Tribulation Force was evacuating the plantation house because it had been compromised by Lee and Brooke McCarty and they called in a raid on them, he threw a backpack at Brooke when she was using a hidden phone to alert the GC, which knocked the phone in brush. He grabbed the arm of Lee, twisted it, and threw him to the ground. Luke then used duct tape on their mouths, hands, and feet.

He has little aversion to using lethal force out of expediency, often against the objections of other believers. Luke suggested that they kill Lee and Brooke McCarty due to his suspicion that they were Global Community operatives because they did not receive the mark of the believer after Lionel had led them to the Sinner's Prayer. Judd objected because they might be innocent. Luke responded that they should be tied up while they decide what to do with them, but they ultimately followed Judd's suggestion to treat them as if they were part of the family while they planned their escape. Luke and Tom were willing to violently retaliate against the bounty hunters by burning their houses down to deter the bounty hunters from further activity, which led to both of their deaths in The Rise of False Messiahs. Luke justified active measures against Global Community personnel against Judd's moralistic objections about not "stoop[ing] to their level" by mentioning that if that had immediately taken care of Brooke and Lee, they would still be in the plantation house and that the Global Community was decapitating believers every day so it is not likely that can peacefully coexist with an opponent that inexorably wants them dead.


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