Lucinda Washington

Gender Female
Nationality African American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation Senior editor of Global Weekly Chicago office
Relatives Charles Washington (Husband; Raptured)

Lionel Washington (Son Left Behind become believer after Rapture, founder of Young Trib force)
Ronnie Washington (Son; Raptured)
Clarice Washington (Daughter; Raptured)
Talia Washington (Daughter; Raptured)
Andre Dupree (Brother; Murdered)

Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved prior to Rapture
First Appearance Left Behind

Lucinda Washington was the senior editor of the Chicago office of Global Weekly prior to the Rapture in the Left Behind books. She was a devout Christian who tried to get Buck Williams to see the truth about God and Jesus Christ, even by getting him to see that the miraculous protection of Israel from the massive Russian military strike was prophesied of in Scripture. She was taken in the Rapture, leaving behind her son Lionel, who became a believer and a founding member of The Young Tribulation Force. Her role as senior editor was taken over by Verna Zee.

In the 2000-2005 Left Behind film series, Lucinda Washington doesn't appear, although Verna Zee does, most likely as a composite character combining elements of both herself and Lucinda.

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