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Lionel Washington

Gender Male
Nationality African American
Born 13 years before Rapture
Occupation Founding Member of the Young Tribulation Force, Former grammar school student
Relatives Lucinda Washington (Mother; Raptured), Charles Washington (Father; Raptured),

Clarice Washington (Older Sister; Raptured), Luci Washington (Younger Sister; Raptured), Ronnie Washington (Younger Brother; Raptured), Andre Dupree (Uncle; Murdered)

Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Vanishings (Left Behind: The Kids), Left Behind (cameo)

Lionel Washington is one of the founding members of The Young Tribulation Force in the Left Behind: The Kids series. His whole family (which included his mother Lucinda, who was the senior editor of the Chicago office of the Global Weekly) disappeared in the Rapture except for his Uncle André, who died in a fire set by LeRoy Banks, and at the end of the series Lionel finds out that he became a believer right before he died. Lionel is the only African-American main character in the series. Lionel becomes a believer in Christ. He later loses an arm in a rock slide, but later gained it back in the Glorious Appearing.


Left Behind: The Kids

Left Behind series


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