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Lev Taubman

Gender Male
Relatives Mr. Taubman (father), Unnamed sister, Mrs. Taubman (mother)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Ominous Choices

Lev Taubman is a friend of Sam Goldberg that was living in Petra with his family. Sam helped Lev become a believer.


Early Childhood (if applicable)

Nothing much is known about Lev's childhood. Lev was born in and grew up in Chicago.

Childhood (if applicable)

Lev grew up in Chicago. Lev's family moved to Jerusalem shortly before the disappearances.


Lev and his family were left behind during the Rapture.


When the mark of Carpathia became mandatory for everyone, Lev and his family were hiding from the Global Community in secret passageways underneath the Holy City. Lev and his family joined the many others who had fled to Petra. Despite all he had seen, Lev still did not become a believer. Sam prayed hard for Lev and his family. Lev watched as Mr. Taubman and Lev's sister spoke out against Tsion Ben-Judah and Chaim Rosenzweig and both of them be killed as a result. Lev was heartbroken about the deaths of his father and sister, but expressed interest in accepting Jesus as the Messiah after seeing the televised debate between Leonardo Fortunato and Tsion. While Lev was tempted to venture out with the other disbelievers to see the false messiah and receive an amnesty for not taking the mark ever since the deadline for it has passed, he stayed in Petra. He said to Sam Goldberg that he would consider what Sam said about Jesus if it was a ruse by the Global Community. After Lev watched from a balcony with a pair of binoculars a bunch of people that left Petra be killed, Lev finally prayed to become a believer, much to Sam's gratitude.

Lev is last seen talking to Sam Goldberg and Lionel Washington about the Battle of Armageddon.

It can be assumed that Lev survived to the Glorious Appearing, and was in Petra when it happened.

Personality and Skills

Lev loved his family, and was heartbroken when Mr. Taubman and Lev's sister died. Lev was willing to finally become a believer after events he had witnessed in Petra.


Left Behind: The Kids


  • Lev's first appearance is in book 36.
  • Lev was the first member of his family to become a believer.
  • In the dramatic audio presentation, Lev is not seen interacting with Sam Goldberg. Instead, he is seen with Lionel Washington planning for the Battle of Armageddon.