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Left Behind Wiki is a wiki about the Left Behind franchise. As it is about books, movies, and games that have been released for quite some time, this policy is not currently in effect. 


Users who participate on this wiki must follow the following guidelines on spoilers. Users are not permitted to complain in any way about parts of the movies or the books that have been spoiled to them, except if the content was spoiled in unexempt areas, that are privy to this policy, in which case the spoiler will be quickly removed and the offender punished.


  • Articles include information on characters who may not have been introduced to the part of the books, movies, or games a user is on. By reading an article, a user accepts that they may find parts of the books, movies, or games spoiled.
  • Articles may contain information that you have not heard before. Please do not edit it to fit the part of the books, movies or games you are on.
  • Information on articles that is considered spoilers will be flagged using our spoiler template. If you open the spoiler, you proceed at your own risk. See our spoiler template here.

Message Wall/Chat

  • Messages are not allowed to be left on user's wall that contain spoilerss
    • Exempt cases are
      • When a user has explicitly permitted a user to discuss a spoiler before the discussion begins
  • As chat messages are not moderated, a user participates in chat discussions at their own risk. Spoilers are permitted if all users give explicit permission, as does every newcomer. Private Messages are exempt from this policy. Users use this feature at their own risk.


  • Discussions, when highlighted, may contain spoilers. Do NOT open the discussion if the title contains the words: "Spoiler" at the beginning. If you click on the discussion, you proceed at your own risk.
  • Blogs are all exempt from this policy. Proceed at your own risk. However, users are not permitted to put spoilers in the title of the blog.

What is a Spoiler?

What is considered spoilers is yet to be decided. 


Please note: This serves as a guide to our Staff when dealing out their punishment, but Staff are permitted to raise or lower their punishment according to the severity of each offense. 

Number of Offenses Message Wall Removing Information from Articles Complaining Chat
1 Offense(s) 1 Day Block Stern Warning Stern Warning Kick
2 Offense(s)

3 Day Block

1 Day Block 12 Hour Block 1 Week Chat Ban
3 Offense(s) 2 Week Block 1 Week Block 3 Day Block 1 Month Chat Ban/Block
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