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Left Behind Wiki is a wiki about the Left Behind franchise. When editing articles, please remember to follow these guidelines.


Users who participate on this wiki must follow the following guidelines on editing.

Spamming/Vandalizing Pages

  • Spam edits of any form are prohibited on this wiki. Spamming of pages counts as the following:
    • Needless edits that are not needed.
      • eg. Rearranging a sentence's grammatical structure if the article is already in proper english.
    • Repeated edits that accomplish the same task.
      • eg. Removing periods, and re-adding them.
  • Vandalizing pages is strictly prohibited. Vandalization counts as as the following:
    • Inserting irrelevant or inappropriate content into articles.
    • Removing relevant content from articles.

Adding Images into an Article

  • When adding images directly into articles using the 'Insert Media' tool, they must comply with both our Manual of Style and Image Policy.

Adding Pages

  • When adding pages, search through the wiki to make sure a page for what you are creating does not already exist. If it does, feel free to edit that article, but do not create your own article to add your information.

Perspective and Language

  • When writing an article, write in 3rd-person perspective.
    • Avoid using words such as 'I' 'you' 'me.'
  • Do not use vulgar language.
  • Write in a neutral tone, and use mainly neutral words. Do not add your own personal opinions.
  • Speculations, guesses, or theories should not be added to articles. Instead, create a blog post about it.

Adding Spoilers


Please note: This serves as a guide to our Staff when dealing out their punishment, but Staff are permitted to raise or lower their punishment according to the severity of each offense.

Number of Offenses Spamming Vandalizing Falsified/Lack of Edit Summary Adding Duplicate Pages Vulgar Language/ Incorrect Perspective Copying Information from other Wikis
1 Offense(s) 1 day block 1 day block Stern Warning Stern Warning Stern Warning Stern Warning, and requirement for user to undo their edits
2 Offense(s)

1 week block

12 day block 12 Hour Block 1 day block 3 day block 1 week block
3 Offense(s) 1 month block 3 month block 3 Day Block 3 day block 1 week block 1 month block
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