'Left Behind 2' is the pending title for a sequel to the Left Behind reboot film. It officially has been green-lighted, and is being referred via social media as LB2.

Filming was expected to begin in Autumn 2015 for a tentative release in 2016 as a Indiegogo fundraiser was made to raise money for the film, but it only raised $80,699 of a $500,000 goal with 534 contributors. However, a 2nd fundraiser started on July 22nd on the official Left Behind Movie website.

Paul Lalonde however has assured fans of the series that he will make movies of all of the books through Glorious Appearing.

As of January 2017, they have only raised $88,249 (is 18% of their goal).


Confirmed to be reprising their roles:

Likely to reprise:

May reprise:

Major Dodson as Raymie Steele   (flashback or heaven scenes)

Film speculations (unconfirmed at this time) :

  • Nicolae Carpathia will likely appear due to being absent in the first film.
  • This film will be based on the remaining events of the first novel. While some may expect this film to be a remake of the 2002 Tribulation Force film, it will instead be a remake of the first Left Behind film (2001) picking up right after the rapture.


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