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LeRoy Banks

Gender Male
Nationality United States
Born ? Years Before Rapture
Occupation Criminal
Relatives None known
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Unknown
First Appearance The Vanishings

LeRoy Banks was a fictional character in Left Behind: The Kids. He is the main antagonist in volume 1 of the dramatic audio presentation and a minor antagonist in volume 3. He knew Lionel Washington's uncle Andrè Dupree. He set a fire in an apartment Andrè was staying in, in hiding. He then fired a gun and killed Andrè. Just before Andrè died, he cried out to God for forgiveness and was saved. In Book 4, Tom Fogarty helps the kids catch LeRoy and bring him in custody. In Book 39 LeRoy meets with Mark Eisman in a Global Community jail, stating that he escaped the prison during the Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake. After he escaped, his attempted to steal electronics from a Global Community warehouse with his new partner-in-crime Steve. Steve was later saved through Mark Eisman's evangelism and executed with a guillotine in the prison for refusing to take the mark of Carpathia. It is unknown whether LeRoy took the mark of Carpathia or became a believer in Jesus Christ.


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