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The Lake of Fire is where Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and all who followed them, spend eternity after Jesus Christ's return. It is a lake of burning sulfur (the King James Version of the Bible refers to the lake's contents as "fire and brimstone") that is considered a place of unending suffering. Scripture also says that Death and Hell are cast into the Lake of Fire after the Great White Throne Judgment. Sulfur boils at 381 degrees Celsius, which establishes an upper boundary for the Lake of Fire's temperature.

Doctrines concerning the Lake of Fire

Opinions about the fate of those who are headed for the Lake of Fire are split among Bible eschatology students. Some believe in the doctrine of annihilationism, where those who go into the Lake of Fire are simply consumed and cease to exist, while others believe that the Bible properly teaches unending suffering for those who go into the Lake of Fire. The authors of the Left Behind series chose to go with the latter doctrine in their depiction of the Lake of Fire.

At Cendrillon Jospin's funeral in the Millennial Kingdom, Cameron Williams said:

“Should you leave here today without acknowledging Jesus, do not say you haven’t been warned that you will not survive your hundredth birthday and that you will suffer needlessly for eternity.”

Ironically, that can be eisegetically construed as an admission that torment in the Lake of Fire is needless suffering for eternity, especially when an omnipotent God can prevent that needless suffering by extinguishing the consciousness of a reprobate soul. "Needless" can also refer that one's suffering is not necessary or determined because one has the freedom to repent and avoid that fate. The context that Cameron said "needlessly" most likely refers to the latter interpretation, not as an indictment on the justice of eternal torment or characteristics of God.