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Krystall Carney

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian American
Born 30 years before Rapture
Died 1 year before Glorious Appearing
Occupation Secretary for Nicolae Carpathia
Relatives Mother, father, Gregory (uncle)
Religion Carpathianism (disillusioned)
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance The Remnant

Krystall (surnamed Carney in the Dramatic Audio presentation of Armageddon) was the name of Nicolae Carpathia's secretary during the time of The Remnant and Armageddon. She said that she took the mark of loyalty when the grace period for it had expired. For her mark of loyalty, she received a "-6" on her forehead, and she worshipped Carpathia's image. Over time she became rather discontent with Carpathia when she saw him for who he really is and expressed her concerns to her family. When the high-ranking members of Carpathia's cabinet emigrated to Al Hillah when the plague of darkness hampered Global Community operations and administration in New Babylon, she was left behind in New Babylon and soon after killed by a gas grenade when she tried to help Rayford Steele locate the whereabouts of Chloe Williams when she was taken into custody by the Global Community and later publicly executed. She expressed regret for taking the mark of the beast. The Tribulation Force were willing to help her escape New Babylon before it was destroyed by God, but she could not gain entry into Petra because she had taken the mark of Carpathia and had no seal of God on her forehead.

Krystall had an uncle named Gregory who was hiding out as a rebel, though not as a believer. Rayford told her to have him contact Tsion Ben-Judah's website The Truth as soon as possible. Gregory's eventual spiritual state is unknown.


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