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Kenneth Ritz

Alias Ken Ritz
Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born ? years before Rapture
Died First half of the Tribulation, prior to the fourth Trumpet Judgment
Occupation Charter pilot
Relatives Unnamed mother
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Left Behind

Kenneth "Ken" Ritz worked for Cameron "Buck" Williams after the Rapture as a pilot and later assisted the Tribulation Force in this field. He died trying to get the group to safety on a flight out of Israel in Apollyon.

Ken was a fighter pilot before attending the London School of Economics. He graduated, intending to teach English, but became a private charter pilot. He amassed a fortune in gold, which he kept hidden and buried within the airstrip owned by T.M. Delanty. Bo and Samuel Hansen attempted to get their hands on this fortune after Ken Ritz had died, but were prevented from doing so by T.


  • A sign of cruel Irony, his forehead was split open right through the cross symbol by the wire that killed him.
  • Ken was the first Tribulation Force member that did not make a single appearance in any of the books in the Left Behind: The Kids series. He is mentioned, however.

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