Kenny Bruce Williams

Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born Around the time of the fifth Trumpet Judgment during the Tribulation
Occupation Worker at the Children Of The Tribulation "COT"
Relatives Rayford Steele (grandfather), Irene Steele (grandmother, raptured), Chloe Steele Williams (mother, martyred), Rayford "Raymie" Steele Jr. (uncle, raptured), Cameron "Buck" Williams (father, killed in action), Jeff Williams (uncle, martyred), Hattie Durham (god mother, deceased), Unnamed Grandfather (Martyred), Unnamed Aunt (Raptured), Unnamed Cousins (Raptured), Ekaterina Risto (wife), 14 children, more than 80 grandchildren
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during Millennial Kingdom
First Appearance Apollyon

Kenneth "Kenny" Bruce Williams is the son of Cameron "Buck" Williams and Chloe Steele Williams named after Ken Ritz and Bruce Barnes. He was born about 4 1/2 years prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ and was protected from the Global Community throughout the rest of the Tribulation. He was one of the first students of the Children Of The Tribulation school and eventually became one of its workers. He was one of the founding members of the Millennium Force, working to counter the growing influence of The Other Light during the Millennial Kingdom period. He fell in love with Ekaterina Risto and eventually married her, having eight sons, six daughters, and more than eighty grandchildren over the next two hundred years. They both set up a Children Of The Tribulation school (COT) in Greece, operating it until they were too old to handle it themselves. Being a believer in Christ, Kenny lived to see the end of the Millennium and to enter into the "New heavens and new earth" period that followed.