FounderPossibly Moses
CreatedPossibly around 12th Century B.C
DissolvedDay of Glorious Appearing
Replaced ByChristianity

Judaism is one of the three major religions that sprang forth from the Middle East, along with Christianity and Islam. It was founded upon the Law of Moses (also called the Torah), given to the people of Israel by God through the prophet Moses at Mount Sinai. It was believed that perfect obedience unto God's law through the Torah was the way to salvation, though various sects of Judaism that emerged over the years have differing opinions and teachings as to what constitutes obedience and salvation. Although they worship Jehovah/Yahweh as God, they do not believe that Jesus Christ (called Yeshua in the Hebrew) is the Son of God nor the prophesied Messiah, and some doubt that Jesus even existed. Judaism plays a key role in the Left Behind books due to the Jews looking toward Nicolae Carpathia as the Messiah and their rebuilding of the Temple. During the final years of the Tribulation, more Jews became believers in Jesus Christ, culminating in a massive conversion surge around the day of the Glorious Appearing.

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