Joshua Todd-Cothran

Gender Male
Nationality British Caucasian
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died A week or so after Rapture
Occupation Head of the London Stock Exchange
Relatives None known
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Left Behind

Joshua Todd-Cothran is a fictional character in the Left Behind series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.


Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

He is the head of the London Stock Exchange and, like his colleague Jonathan Stonagal, is a highly influential financier, so influential, in fact, that award-winning journalist Cameron "Buck" Williams believes he is responsible for having many professional acquaintances liquidated. Williams also suspects Todd-Cothran had framed him for the violent death of Scotland Yard agent and close friend Alan Tompkins, who had grown suspicious of Todd-Cothran's practices.

At his first meeting as United Nations Secretary-General (at the end of Left Behind), Nicolae Carpathia executes Stonagal and Todd-Cothran with a single bullet that passes through Stonagal's head, then Todd-Cothran's. Carpathia explains to Buck that he was fulfilling his promise to take care of Buck's problem, knowing that Todd-Cothran was responsible for plotting the attempt on Williams' life earlier in the book as well as the assassinations. Carpathia then brainwashes everyone in the room (except Buck, who was protected by God) into believing that it was Stonagal who shot himself and Todd-Cothran in remorse for the assassinations.


Left Behind: The Movie

Joshua Todd-Cothran was played by Tony DeSantis.

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Left to right: Nicolae Carpathia, unnamed character, Joshua Todd-Cothran, Jonathan Stonagal.