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Josey Fogarty

Gender Female
Relatives Tom Fogarty (husband), Ben Fogarty (son), Brad Fogarty (son), Ryan Victor Fogarty (son)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved before the Tribulation
First Appearance Facing the Future

Josey Fogarty is the wife of Tom Fogarty and the adoptive mother of Ryan Victor Fogarty. Josey was one of the believers that stayed with the Young Tribulation Force at their campground in Avery, Wisconsin.


Early Childhood (if applicable)

Childhood (if applicable)



Personality and Skills

When she became a Christian, her husband Tom thought that it was a phase she was going through and that she would lose her fervor. Before becoming a Christian, Josey was into crystals, channeling, astrology, and angels. Josey wanted to share her faith with Tom, but she was mostly unimposing about it. She sometimes found an inspiring Bible passage that she wanted to share with her husband.

She doubted that Tom would resist the mark of loyalty, because Tom was unwilling to leave the Global Community Peacekeepers. She feared that her husband would come home with the mark of loyalty on his forehead and insist that she takes it. Josey said that Tom "sees through Carpathia" and "he knows the guy isn't what he seems".


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