Movie Exclusive Character
This character is exclusive to the Cloud Ten Pictures Left Behind movie series.

Ivy Gold

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation Worker at Global News Network
Relatives Unnamed fiance
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Left Behind: The Movie

Ivy Gold was a fellow worker at Global News Network who worked with Buck Williams in Left Behind: The Movie and Left Behind II: Tribulation Force.

Ivy is Buck`s assistant before and after the Rapture. After the Rapture she needs a place to stay in Chicago and stays at Buck`s home, which soon causes problems for Buck and Chloe`s budding relationship. Chloe goes to see Buck, but instead ends up meeting Ivy, who is in a bathrobe, her hair is messy, and she has an engagement ring on . Chloe thinks she is Buck`s fiance. Soon everything is sorted out. Ivy was engaged to another man. Chloe leads Ivy to Christ.

Her character is based on Alice Nelson from the book series.

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