The image of the beast, as mentioned in Revelation 13:14-15, was a statue of Nicolae Carpathia created by Guy Blod for the memorial service in The Indwelling that was given power to speak and to cause as many that would not worship this image to be killed. This statue, which was a metallic nude figure of Carpathia about four times his actual size, had a furnace at the bottom that used onion-skin paper found in Bibles to fuel its flames. Similar copies of this image made of various materials, though only life-size compared to the statue in New Babylon and lacking the furnace, were ordered to be made around the world for the populace to worship three times a day, with failing to do so punishable by death.

Nicolae attempted to have a golden statue of his image be erected in the desecrated Temple, but was stopped by a mob of angered Jews who were outraged by the Antichrist's blasphemous action. As mentioned in the Bible, anyone who takes the "mark of the beast" and worships his image will be condemned to eternity in the Lake of Fire.

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