Heaven is the dwelling place of God's throne, where Jesus Christ and His angels also reside. Jesus came to take those who believed in Him up to heaven at the time of the Rapture, where the marriage of the Lamb to His bride took place.

The Bible speaks of "three heavens" that exist: the "first heaven" being the sky, the "second heaven" being the universe, and the "third heaven" being where God dwells and where presumably Paul the apostle was carried off to in one of his visions. In "The Indwelling", Tsion Ben-Judah experienced a similar phenomenon of being carried off into the "third heaven", courtesy of the Archangel Michael, to see the events of Revelation chapter 12 unfolding.

At the end of the Millennial Kingdom, there was a "new heavens and new earth" that were created, although the "second heaven" (the universe) was still intact when that took place.

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