Hasina Kamen

Gender Female
Nationality Semitic American
Born  ? Years Before Rapture
Died Unknown
Occupation Guerrilla fighter
Relatives Taylor Graham (friend)
Spiritual State Unknown
First Appearance Left Behind: The Kids

Hasina Kamen is the close friend and partner-in-crime of Taylor Graham; the two assist the Young Tribulation Force in evading Carpathia's men, but meet with the YTF's disapproval due to their proactive tactics.



Not much is known about Hasina's childhood.


A Muslim, Hasina was taken by surprise by the Rapture, and was fed misinformation from her government and then from Carpathia's global community.


Hasina became Taylor Graham's friend during the Tribulation, working with him on guerrilla ops intended to destabilize Carpathia's regime. Eventually, the two were captured by the Global Community after Taylor's botched attempt at assassinating Carpathia. After Taylor sacrificed himself to let her escape, Hasina found herself adrift, surviving in the ruins surrounding Jerusalem and trying -- but failing -- to enter Petra. Taylor's last action was to confess his love for her. After his death, Hasina blamed herself for not making the first move on him.

Personality and Skills

Hasina is shown to be a competent guerrilla fighter, more tactically inclined and less impulsive than her partner Taylor. She is a skilled amateur wrestler, and picks up survival and bushcraft skills during the Tribulation.


Left Behind: The Kids


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