Glorious Appearing (event)

The Glorious Appearing (also called the Second Coming) is when Jesus Christ returns to earth after the Tribulation with His army of saints, as mentioned in Revelation 19:10-21, taking place around 12 AM (midnight) Israel time. In the book Glorious Appearing, His coming was preceded by "the sign of the Son of Man" appearing in the sky, a cross created by electrical energy which not only healed believers of any injuries but also protected them from bodily harm by the Global Community Unity Army. For example, in Triumphant Return, Lionel Washington had his amputated left arm regenerated during the Glorious Appearing. Other events that took place during this time include the leveling of all mountains, the seventh Bowl Judgment, the splitting of the Mount of Olives into a valley, and the flesh-dissolving plague on those who came against Jerusalem.

Though the Antichrist's armies attempted to make war with Jesus, He caused massive casualties among their troops simply by using "the sword of His mouth"; not a single one of them survived, and their flesh became part of the Great Supper Of God. In the end, the Antichrist and False Prophet were captured and forced to bow the knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father, before they were sentenced into the Lake of Fire. The day following His return, the "sheep and goats" judgment took place, as did the honoring of both the Old Testament saints and the Tribulation martyrs who were resurrected.

There are differing opinions on when the Rapture will occur. The authors of the Left Behind series, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, support a Dispensationalist, Premillenial, Pre-tribulation point of view, and thus the story of the Left Behind series follows this view.  

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