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Global Community
Organization Type Autocratic totalitarian theocratic dictatorship one-world government
Formerly Known As United Nations
Main Headquarters New Babylon, Iraq
Head Of State Nicolae Carpathia
Governing Area Entire world
Monetary Unit Global Community Dollar, later known as the Nick
Religious Affiliation Enigma Babylon One World Faith, later Carpathianism
Duration 7 years
Created A month or so after Rapture
Dissolved Day of Glorious Appearing
Replaced By Kingdom of Christ

The Global Community is a fictional worldwide government led by Nicolae Carpathia, who was its Supreme Potentate. It was transformed from the United Nations after the Rapture when Nicolae took power, and moved to New Babylon where its main headquarters were until the plague of darkness from the fifth Bowl Judgment fell upon it. Ten subpotentates were chosen to rule ten governing districts of the world, with Peacekeepers and Morale Monitors dispatched to enforce order among the citizenry. It had direct control over all forms of media and all media corporations (newspapers, television networks, etc.) and also some level of control over all forms of industry. It used the Nick as its standard form of currency until the cashless "mark of loyalty" system was put into place.

The Global Community's intended goal, at least on the surface according to its founder and eventual leader, was to encourage a peaceful coexistence among the nations and the people as they willfully destroyed 90 percent of their weapons and donated the remaining 10 percent to the Global Community. However, it was showing signs of corruption even among its subpotentates, particularly Rehoboth, the first subpotentate of the United African States, who was chosen over his rival Mwangati Ngumo (the former Secretary-General of the United Nations) for that position and proved himself to be a despot over the people he was in charge of. Halfway through the Tribulation, the organization fell into tyranny when Nicolae was resurrected from the dead and declared himself to be God, enforcing a state religion called Carpathianism that required the citizenry to bear a "mark of loyalty" and to worship Carpathia's image three times a day, with failing to do so punishable by death. It also waged war against those who refused to take the "mark of loyalty", which included Christians, Jews, Muslims, and unbelieving rebels. Dissent eventually spread among the once-loyal citizens who began to see Carpathia as he really is, a tyrant, with the United African States threatening to secede from the Global Community. It was dissolved at the second coming of Jesus Christ and with the destruction of New Babylon.

Regional districts

This is a fictional map of the Global Community, using references from the Left Behind series. According to The Indwelling, Greece was appropriated from Europe by the United Carpathian States. In Desecration, Romania was confirmed to be part of the United Carpathian States as well. Also after World War III, all of Alaska's oil fields were appropriated by the GC, so Alaska is marked as jointly owned by the United Carpathian States and the United North American States.

Note: These are mainly estimates. Any errors found will be corrected promptly. It is assumed all US Pacific territories, Hawaii included, were annexed by the United Pacific States. The ten districts are mentioned as:

Global Community Map 2.png


Name Job Joined in Quit Died Cause of Death Loyalty
Nicolae Jetty Carpathia Supreme Potentate; Most High One The Regime N/A Midpoint of tribulation Stabbed by Chaim Rosenzweig (Resurrected and Indwelt by Satan) Loyal (He says that he is not loyal to the GC on a lie detector test)
Leonardo "Leon" Fortunato Supreme Commander, later the Most High Reverend Father of Carpathianism The Regime N/A Wrath of the Lamb Building Collapse (Resurrected by Carpathia) Loyal
Vivian "Viv Ivans" Ivinisova Unspecified The Regime N/A Glorious Appearing Crushed by giant hailstone (revealed in Dramatic Audio) Loyal
Suhail Akbar Unspecified; Peacekeeper General Unknown N/A Glorious Appearing Killed by Carpathia's orders Loyal
Loren Hut Morale Monitor Captain Unknown N/A The Remnant's Escape Killed by Carpathia Loyal
Walter Moon Most High One's Secretary; Supreme Commander Unknown N/A The Remnant's Escape Killed by Carpathia Loyal
Od Gustav Subpotentate of the United European States N/A Assassins Loyal
Bindura Rehoboth Subpotentate of the United African States N/A Assassins Executed Unloyal
Enoch Litwala Subpotentate of the United African States N/A Assassins Killed by Leonardo Fortunato Unloyal
David Hassid Head of Management Unknown The Remnant's Escape The Remnant's Escape KIA Unloyal, Mole
Aurelio Sequoia Figueroa Unspecified; Head of Management Unknown N/A Loyal
Jurgen Haase Head of the Global Community Emergency Management Association Unknown N/A Loyal
Raman Vajpayee Member of the Global Community cabinet of officials Unknown N/A Killed by Carpathia Loyal, but questioned Carpathia
Guy Blod Minister of Art Unknown N/A N/A Loyal
Nelson Stefanich Soldier Unknown N/A N/A Loyal
Ramon Santiago Commander of the Peacekeepers Unknown N/A Killed by Carpathia Loyal
Jock Ashmore Peacekeeper officer Unknown N/A N/A Loyal
Lars Rahlmost Computer technician Unknown N/A Killed during Fourth Bowl Judgment Loyal
Chaim Rosenzweig Nicolae's Council; Unspecified Left Behind The Midpoint of Tribulation Defected to the Tribulation Force
Stephen "Steve" Plank Manager of Media and Public Affairs Left Behind Wrath of the Lamb During Christian Hunt Executed Loyal (In this case)
Stephen "Steve" Plank (As Pinkerton Stephens) Morale Monitor and Peacekeeper Base Leader Nicolae During Christian Hunt During Christian Hunt Executed Unloyal, Mole (In this case)
Abdullah "Smitty" Ababneh Pilot of Condor 216; Pilot of Phoenix 216 Unknown The Remnant's Escape Unloyal, Mole
Montgomery Clebourn "Mac" McCullum Pilot of Global Community One; Pilot of Condor 216; Pilot of Phoenix 216 Unknown The Remnant's Escape Unloyal, Mole
Hannah Palemoon Nurse; Head Nurse; Head of Medical Unknown The Remnant's Escape Unloyal, Mole
Ming Wong/Toy/Woo BFFR Guard Unknown Unspecific time Unloyal
Mr. Wong Unspecified Unknown Unspecific time

During Christian Hunt

Executed Unloyal
Chang Wong Technology Manager Desecration During Fifth Bowl Judgment Unloyal, Mole