Global Community Cable News Network (or GCCNN, which was shortened to GCNN for Global Community News Network) may have been CNN before it was taken over by Nicolae Carpathia along with all other media outlets in "Tribulation Force".

The network was in complete operation throughout the entire period of the Tribulation, although interruptions were caused by Chang Wong having direct access to the network feed that allowed him to broadcast messages from Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah and Chaim Rosenzweig, which contained Biblical warnings as well as pleas for the undecided to come to Jesus Christ to be saved. This has resulted in a number of deaths within the Global Community when even people like the Supreme Commander Walter Moon were unable to get Tsion and Chaim off the air.

In the book "Desecration", one of God's angels supernaturally interrupted the broadcast of the Most High Reverend Father Leon Fortunato's public declaration for all the world's citizens to take the "mark of loyalty", with the angel reciting Revelation 14:9-13 as a dire warning to those who have taken the mark and have worshiped Carpathia's iamge.

In the Cloud Ten Pictures movie series, this network would be known as Global News Network.

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