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Enigma Babylon One World Faith
Type Pantheistic
Founder Nicolae Carpathia
Created A month or so after the Rapture
Dissolved Midpoint of Tribulation
Replaced By Carpathianism

Enigma Babylon One World Faith (originally Global Community Faith) was the name of the one-world faith instituted by Nicolae Carpathia and the Global Community in the book Tribulation Force. It was an interfaith group that believed that all religions were valid pathways to God, though it condemned the Bible's message that Jesus Christ is the only way to God as heresy, and also encouraged the belief that there was inherent goodness in every person. (This latter belief is contrasted by Scripture that states that all have sinned and fell short of God's glory in Romans.) It was led by former Roman Catholic archbishop Peter Mathews, who was nominated into the role as Pontifex Maximus and then later adopted the simpler Pope Peter the Second. Enigma Babylon lasted until Peter Mathews was assassinated by the ten subpotentates at the time of the Global Gala and was immediately dissolved, replaced by Carpathianism. This one-world faith can be seen as part of the fulfillment of the Great Harlot mentioned in Revelation chapters 17 and 18.

The religion has a pantheistic theology. In The Search, Darrion Stahley, who was at the time an adherent to Enigma Babylon, said that she "believes in the unity of all living things. God is in us and all that exists". Darrion objected to her religious aunt and uncle who were raptured because they talked about hell and made God out to be mean.

After Mathews' assassination, Enigma Babylon dissolved into the aforementioned Carpathianism, as all people were required to worship Carpathia. The Potentate was considered a deity and worthy of glory and honor when he rose from the dead after his own assassination, therefore morphing the deceased One World Faith into a worship of Carpathia.


Worship is usually dictated by the local religious leader, whether it be a pastor, priest, shaman, or whatever title the leader carries, with the Pontifex Maximus issuing the papal decrees. Since Enigma Babylon does not have specific guidelines as far as proper worship, except most likely for the worship to be as nonviolent as possible, religious leaders are free to lead worship however they want, including incorporating elements of worship from other religions if they are led to doing so. However, an adherent of this religion cannot declare that Jesus Christ is the only way to have salvation with God, as that was declared a heresy.