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Demetrius Demeter

Gender Male
Nationality Grecian Caucasian
Born ? Years Before Rapture
Died Midpoint of Tribulation
Occupation Underground Pastor
Relatives Mrs. Demeter (martyred)
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Indwelling

Demetrius Demeter was a gifted evangelist and the undershepherd of an underground church in Greece. Lukas Miklos and his wife were members of that church during the Tribulation.

Demetrius and Miklos helped Rayford Steele elude the GC in a stopover in Greece after Rayford attempted to assassinate Nicolae Carpathia. While giving Rayford shelter for the night, Demetrius counsels Rayford on his guilt about the assassination attempt and the anger Rayford had been feeling for quite a while. They even put him with a non-English speaking believer, a man named Adon, to change Rayford's appearance so he could further elude the GC on his way back to the United North American States.

He says that he is likely a part of the 144,000 and had the gift of evangelism. Before becoming a believer, he took pride in his intellect and considered his faculty for sarcasm and condescension to be a gift, but he humbly acknowledges his gift of evangelism as a manifestation of God's grace where he deserves no credit for, and he would eagerly exercise that gift for God. He describes his gift of evangelism as God supernaturally streamlining him gaining insight into the mysteries of the scriptures where even a person who had studied the scriptures and the commentaries for decades would not have that perspicacity. Through God, he has the ability to preach effectively by using his knowledge of scripture and his ability of discernment to say something that would resonate with his audience and bring them to faith in Christ. He also has the ability of discernment where he supernaturally knows the needs of others and the extent of their sincerity. He uses his ability of discernment in order to console Rayford and help him address his feelings of guilty and anger and assure him that God had forgiven him.

He is younger than Rayford Steele, and he looks like he is 30 years old. Demetrius said that he loved the scriptures before the Rapture occurred, and was bemused at the notion that the Gentiles had a corner on Jewish theology. When the Rapture occurred, he was impelled to look at Jesus in a different light and had the epiphany that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies. Demetrius then found himself irresistibly drawn to Jesus.

During The Mark, Demetrius' underground church was raided by Global Community forces and brought to a holding facility for criminals and dissidents. Demetrius, along with his wife, Mrs. Miklos, and dozens of others were arrested and faced either taking "mark of loyalty" or suffer beheading. The prison had five wings -- young males and females from teenagers to those in their early twenties in one building in two wings, one building for women, one building for lesser criminal males, and one building for the worst felons. The male political and religious dissents, such as Demetrius, were held in the building for violent criminals. Alex Athenas, the person overseeing the application of the mark of loyalty upon the prisoners, claimed to Cameron Williams, who was in the persona of Global Community Peacekeeper Jack Jensen, that he had spoken to Carpathia and said that Carpathia sees the dissidents as "every bit as dangerous as the criminals". While imprisoned, Demetrius led dozens of adult male prisoners to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Demetrius was frank in saying that the consequences of accepting Christ, receiving forgiveness for one's sins, and refusing the mark meant death that night but that would immediately follow with being in the presence of God in heaven. However, since Demetrius Demeter was not there to preach to them, none of the white-collar criminals or small timer males opted for the guillotine, and they all took the mark.

The GC guards were angry with his preaching and pleading of the male prisoners and, in an ensuing riot between guards and prisoners, Demetrius is hit with what should be a fatal blow. Like his wife and Mrs. Miklos, who also both suffer such blows, he is still alive. When Alex Athenas wanted to silence him, Demetrius replied, "What are you going to do, kill me twice? Oh, that I can die twice for my God!" He told his fellow prisoners that he hoped that the men who were beating them would listen before it is too late when they take the mark. When the time came for him to either take the mark or lose his head, Demetrius, being held up by two men at the front of a long line of new Christians proudly chose to be martyred. As he was being led to the loyalty enforcement facilitator, he and the other believing prisoners sang "Nothing But The Blood".


  • Demetrius is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek male given name Dēmḗtrios which meant "devoted to Demeter". Demeter was Ancient Greek goddess of the harvest, agriculture, fertility and sacred law, who was known as Ceres in Roman mythology.
  • Demetrius is also the name of two people mentioned in Scripture -- one who was a silversmith who created Artemis shrines in Ephesus in Acts chapter 19, and one who was a Christian disciple in 3rd John.