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Darrion Stahley

Alias Laura Grover (In Battling the Commander)
Rosemary Bishop (In Fire from Heaven)
Gender Female
Born 12 years before Rapture
Relatives Maxwell Stahley (father), Louise Stahley (mother), Ken Stahley (uncle), Linda Stahley (aunt)
Religion Formerly Enigma Babylon One World Faith, then Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Search

Darrion Stahley, a left behind teen, was abducted with Ryan Daley, and eventually went into hiding with her mother after her father died. She and her mother became believers shortly after. Darrion went to rescue Vicki Byrne after she was caught by the Global Community, and Darrion ended up being held captive by the GC in the same cell as Conrad Graham. Judd Thompson Jr. and others helped to get her out by tricking Commander Terrel Blancka. She ended up staying with Vicki and the Underground over the course of the next 5 years.

She was into Enigma Babylon One World Faith. She said that "it takes the best of all the belief systems".


Darrion was very good friends with Ryan Daley before his death. She was also friends with Judd Thompson Jr., Vicki Byrne, Chaya Stein, Taylor Graham, Conrad Graham, and Mark Eisman. She initially had a conflict with Melinda Bentley because of the latter's former devotion to the Global Community, but they have both made amends. She was enemies with Terrel Blancka, Kruno Fulcire, Cornelius Van Waylin, Felicia, and Carl.


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