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Dan Ben-Judah

Gender Male
Nationality Israeli Caucasian
Born Presumably 16 years before Rapture
Died About 18 months into the Tribulation
Relatives Tsion Ben-Judah (stepfather, killed in action), Mrs. Ben-Judah (mother, murdered), Nina Ben-Judah (sister, murdered), Unnamed father (deceased)
Religion Originally Judaism, later Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Busted!

Daniel "Dan" Ben-Judah was Tsion Ben-Judah's stepson. He and his sister Nina met Judd Thompson Jr. in book 7 when Judd visited Israel with Bruce Barnes. Dan was forced into hiding because many Jews were furious at his father for his beliefs. Dan's friend Sam Goldberg and his father helped him and his sister Nina leave the house occasionally through an underground tunnel that connected the Ben-Judah house and the Goldberg residence. In book 8, Nina reveals to Judd reveals that Sam's father stopped helping them, though Sam still talked with Nina and Dan. Unfortunately, though, religious zealots looking for Dr. Ben-Judah dragged out his family members onto the street and asked them for information. Mrs. Ben-Judah and Nina were shot to death for refusing to give them any information. When the leader of the zealots asked Dan about where the rabbi was, Dan asked to see the man's face. When the guy's face was revealed, Dan spat in it. He declares that he would rather die than betray his father. Those were his last words.

Judd saw the killings on a videotape that Sam made when it happened. Judd and Ryan Daley used the tape to lure the murderers to the wailing wall, where Eli and Moishe consumed the perpetrators with fire, thus avenging Dan's death.

Dan is mentioned by Vicki Byrne in book 16. Dan is mentioned by Sam and Judd in book 18. This was the last time Dan would be mentioned by name again. Tsion talked about Dan in books 15, 24, 34, 38, and 39.

In book 40, Dan and the other tribulation martyrs are resurrected. Dan is last seen with his sister embracing his parents.


Dan was good friends with Sam Goldberg and Judd Thompson Jr. before his death.


  • Dan is mentioned and seen in the adult series, but never by name.
  • It is because of Dan that his killers received justice.
  • Dan spat in the face of his murderer just before the former died.
  • Dan is the only believer in the entire Left Behind franchise to have spat at someone else.
  • Dan was around Judd's age.
  • Young Tribulation Force member Sam Goldberg was a neighbor and friend of Dan.
  • Dan is the youngest member of the Ben-Judah family.
  • Dan and Nina were Sam's friends, though he never mentions them again after book 18.
  • Dan was the only male member of the family to be slain at the hands of the zealots.
  • Dan was the second-last member of the Ben-Judah family to die, behind Tsion.
  • Dan was the last of the Ben-Judah family to be slain at the hands of the zealots.
  • Dan wore glasses.
  • Dan died sometime during the events of book 9, but his death was not revealed until book 10.
  • In the dramatic audio presentation, Dan's full name is revealed to be Daniel. In the books, there is no indication of this.


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