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Conrad Graham was a left behind teen that joined the Young Tribulation Force after leaving the Morale Monitor Program. He first met Lionel Washington during Morale Monitor boot camp and they were assigned to work together in Chicago. When they arrived in Chicago, Conrad ended up helping Judd Thompson Jr. and Vicki Byrne to escape and became the group's "insider." He eventually escaped the Global Community when Darrion Stahley and Mr. Stein were rescued. His older brother, Taylor Graham, was turned off by his brother's new faith. Conrad became an intricate part of The Underground when Judd and Lionel left for Israel, helping to lead and take care of the others. He was involved in helping to rescue believers from the GC by impersonating a Morale Monitor along with Colin Dial. He and Shelly Malloy came to like each other during the next 6 years and were very close at the end of the series. He and Mark Eisman were the only two teenage boys left in Wisconsin when Lionel and Judd went to Israel.



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