Chang Wong

Alias C. W.
Gender Male
Nationality Chinese Asian
Born 14 years before Rapture
Occupation Computer technician
Relatives Mr. Wong (father, martyred), Mrs. Wong (mother), Ming Toy Woo (sister), Ree Woo (brother-in-law)
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Indwelling

Chang Wong is a fictional character of the Left Behind series of books. A brilliant young man with skills in computing, 17 at the time of Global Community Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia's temporary death, he is groomed by David Hassid to replace him as the Tribulation Force's mole in the GC Headquarters Palace in New Babylon. Hassid, who is a believer, cannot take the mark of the beast and so he flees, faking his death. Chang is pressured by his parents, who are Carpathia loyalists, to take the mark, but Chang protests this as he is a believer in Jesus Christ. He is later drugged by his father, who forces the mark on Chang while the young man is incapacitated; Chang fears for his soul as a result of this, although he is reassured that he cannot be held responsible for taking the mark since it was forced on him against his will.

Even though Chang appears to have the mark of loyalty, believers can still see the mark of God on him. He is able to continue as the Tribulation Force's mole until God strikes New Babylon with the plague of darkness; then he is rescued and relocated to Petra to work with the Remnant of Israel. With the spiritual help of God through Tsion Ben-Judah, Eleazar Tiberias, and Chaim Rosenzweig praying over him, the mark of loyalty was removed from his forehead, showing only the mark of God.

Chang becomes romantically involved with Naomi Tiberias, but they decide to postpone marriage until a point beyond Glorious Appearing.

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