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Attack of Apollyon
Book Series Left Behind: The Kids
Author Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Release Date March 1, 2002
Preceded By Darkening Skies
Followed By A Dangerous Plan

"Attack of Apollyon" is the 19th book of the Left Behind: The Kids series. Its release date was March 1, 2002. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Book Synopsis

Synopsis retrieved from back of the book.

As freezing temperatures envelop the earth, Judd Thompson Jr. tries to figure out his next move. Lionel Washington struggles to help a friend. Back at the schoolhouse, Vicki Byrne pulls the kids together in the midst of the worst judgment yet. Mark Eisman prepares himself to meet a mysterious friend of his late cousin- but can he be trusted?

As a strange star falls to earth, the Young Trib Force knows the next judgment is near- one so terrible it will be announced from heaven first. Will the kids make it through? Find out in the amazing book. And don't forget to buy our other 21 books still left in the series!

Plot Summary

The first chapter starts with Judd Thompson Jr.'s reactions after he sees Nada Ameer being pulled inside the Goldberg house. Judd rushed to the house and tries peeking through the window, but the drapes are closed.

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