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Aron Ben-Eliezar

Gender Male
Nationality Israeli
Born ? Years before the Rapture
Relatives Joel Ben-Eliezar (brother), Meira Ben-Eliezar (sister), Ethan Ben-Eliezar (father), Mrs. Ben-Eliezar (mother)
Religion Judaism (formerly), Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Rise of False Messiahs

Aron Ben-Eliezar is one of the sons of Rabbi Ethan Ben-Eliezar and Mrs. Ben-Eliezar. He had a sister, Meira, who was raptured. His older brother, Joel, lived in Tel Aviv while Aron lived in Haifa but moved in with his brother during Operation Eagle. Aron Ben-Eliezar only appeared in The Rise of False Messiahs.

During the Tribulation, Aron lived in Haifa but moved in to Joel's apartment in Tel Aviv once the Global Community attempted to attack the evacuation of anti-Carpathia Jews to Masada and Petra. Aron was hungry, and Joel took the mark of loyalty in order to provide Aron with something to eat because one cannot buy anything with Carpathia's mark. Aron resisted taking the mark because he thought that it did not feel right as it was not about taking an identification number but identifying oneself with Nicolae Carpathia.

Aron's parents were devout orthodox Jews who disowned their daughter when she adopted Christianity while she was attending college in the United States. They became Christians when Sam Goldberg and Mitchell Stein helped them realize that Jesus had fulfilled the messianic prophecies. They participated in Operation Eagle as they were escaping persecution from the Global Community to sojourn in Petra for the remainder of the Tribulation. After the computer center in Petra had been set up, Rabbi Ethan Ben-Eliezar and Mrs. Ben-Eliezar wanted to communicate with their two sons to inform them that they were safe.

Aron received the email from Sam Goldberg about their parents, and Aron requested that Sam should personally meet him and his brother in Tel Aviv. He said that his parents did not trust Nicolae Carpathia and that they would never turn their back on their religion. In the email, Aron instructed Sam that he should met them at a park in Tel Aviv at a specific time. Sam also brought along Mitchell Stein who was a professed member of the 144,000. Sabir dropped them off near the specified location. As they walked through dark alleyways after the sun they saw a poster that advertised a Miracle Fair hosted by Orcus that was about commence the night. When they arrived at the park, it was crowded but Sam noted that this was advantageous for a meeting place because the crowds made them less conspicuous. A block way from the park, there was a stage with laser flashing and music blaring and a huge monitor was set up. The throng assembling near the stage chanted Carpathia's name and fell before the statue of Carpathia suspended above the crowd.

While Mr. Stein and Sam sat on a park bench, Sam noticed that there was something beeping to his right. He found a walkie-talkie that was concealed by leaves and grass. A scratchy voice instructed them to walk to an apartment complex. As they arrived, Joel let them inside his shabby apartment. Mr. Stein asked about Aron, but Joel told them not to worry about him.

Mr. Stein told Joel that his parents were safe at Petra and that they now believed that Jesus was the messiah. Aron then came in, looking slightly younger than Joel, and announced that Orcus' show was about to begin. The window of the shabby apartment, which was located on the third floor, faced the stage, and Joel grabbed binoculars to watch the show. As Joel was watching the show, Aron went into a room with Mr. Stein and Sam.

In response to the question why they did not return their parents' calls and emails, Aron said that they had been through a lot even since the Global Community attacked the fleeing Jews of Operation Eagle. He reveals that his brother is not well since he had received the mark of loyalty and has regretted the decision, even though he did not worship the image. Mr. Stein bluntly said that Joel had made a decision that he will regret for eternity. When Aron said that he resisted Carpathia's mark because he had misgivings about associating with Nicolae Carpathia, Mr. Stein said that Aron was right not to take the mark. Mr. Stein than gave Aron an overview of Christian salvation history of the fall, redemption, and Satan's objective to destroy God's creation. (Humans were created in a perfect world and the evil one tempted humans, who are now in perpetual rebellion against God; Satan is now working through Nicolae Carpathia to thwart God's plan of redemption by trying to destroy humans; and God planned to save the world by sacrificing His son. All one has to do to trust in Jesus and ask Jesus to forgive our sins. ) Mr. Stein mentioned his sister, Meira, as a person who had believe the truth about Jesus because she had been caught up in the disappearances.

In the other room, Joel shouted that they should come and see Orcus' performance. On the screen, there were a pair of men engaged in a sword fight. One of them lops off the right arm of the other, and Orcus reattaches the severed arm in the name of Nicolae Carpathia. Aron was initially skeptical whether Orcus really attached the arm back, but Mr. Stein said that Orcus really did it by the power of the evil one. Joel sarcastically replies that Orcus did it through "Bible hocus-pocus". Joel starts to become convinced that Orcus can do things by the power of Nicolae when Orcus when he was able to illuminate the area as if it were day without using the lasers or stage lights.

Mr. Stein then whispered to Aron that he need to talk to him now. They went to the other room again. When Sam wrote to Aron, Aron did not believe it because he thought that his parents would never turn their back on their religion. Mr. Stein that they really did not abandon Judaism because Jesus is the fulfillment of their religion. After Mr. Stein demonstrated all the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, Aron still showed some resistance to receiving Christ because if what Mr. Stein said is true, then his brother Joel would have no hope as he had sealed his eternity when he took the mark of loyalty. Aron added that Joel took the mark partly to help Aron, but Mr. Stein elided that objection and told Aron not to let his brother decision affect his destiny and that Aron would not be held accountable of Joel's decision. Aron should accept the gift of God, right now.

Joel then called them back into the room. Orcus had took the swords and made them doves in order to deliver the message that Nicolae had come to bring peace to the world, not to divide people with a sword. Orcus said that enemies of our god wants them to engage in internecine war, and thus they are snakes in their midst. He said that our god has provide a way to discern the snakes because they do not have mark of loyalty to the Potentate. The swords became snakes once Orcus clapped his hands. Someone discovered a Jewish woman in the crowd without the mark of loyalty. As she was on her knees pleading to Orcus, Orcus slew her with the snakes that he transformed back into swords. Orcus then declared that Jews and Judah-ites are enemies of peace who need to be identified and eliminated, and the audience can help. They need to report them to the Global Community, regardless if they are friends, family, or strangers.

Aron announced that he had enough of the show, and showed interest in Christianity, asking Mr. Stein what he needs to do next. Joel was puzzled when Aron expressed in following these wackos, and urged him that Orcus' show proves that he needs to take Carpathia's mark now. Joel then reported Sam Goldberg and Mitchell Stein for being Judah-ites. Sam, Aron, and Mr. Stein were unable to escape through the fire exit, as Global Community peacekeepers cut off their path of escape and detained them. Mr. Stein and Sam were placed in one police car, while Aron was in another behind them. They arrived at the Global Community station that had a prominent statue of Nicolae, a guillotine, and people lined up to take the mark of Carpathia, even though it was late in the night.

Mr. Stein and Sam were taken to a cell that already had seventeen others, some with the mark of Carpathia but none with the mark of the believer. Since Mr. Stein and Sam were Jewish, they were being told that they were going to be transported to a concentration camp where they would be denied of food and water, as it was now Global Community policy to spare Jews without the mark of the guillotine so that they can suffer under inhumane conditions. Aron came a little later to be placed in an empty cell, but he was injured and exhausted by the ordeal that he can barely stand. Mr. Stein then preached to the prisoners, specifically qualifying his address to those without the mark of Carpathia. He said the sinner's prayer, and three prisoners in their cell became believers, and also Aron had the mark of the believer.

Early in the morning, around 4 AM, an angel appeared in the prison to rescue the six believers. The angel told Sam to write about the things he witnessed to encourage others. As they escaped, Sabir appeared in his minivan to transport the other believers to an airfield so they can go to Petra. Sabir told them that an angel appeared to him and told him what to do. Sabir said he got in his "little car" but the angel shook his head in disapproval.

When they passed by the site of the Miracle Fair, Aron looked out the window, despondently wondering about the fate of his brother. Joel. Mr. Stein said that he made a foolish decision by taking the mark and closed himself to the truth. Aron replied that he was just as closed, and that Joel took the mark to give Aron food. Mr. Stein countered saying that Joel seemed upset when they arrived and that Joel countered their message at every point.

Mac McCullum flew them to Petra. When they arrived at Petra, Mr. Stein called Rabbi and Mrs. Ben-Eliezar from the crowd. When they met Mr. Stein, he said, "Rabbi, Mrs. Ben-Eliezar, behold your son". (Perhaps this is an allusion to John 19:25-27.) They were saddened that Joel was caught up in the desire to follow Nicolae Carpathia, but rejoiced that Aron believed and was returned.